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One invaluable agent towards providing investors with more value for their money is that of esthetics. In the case of Symfoni Kamias, two added values can be highlighted. On the one hand, residents will always have peace of mind in terms of the convenience and security that their fixtures and fittings and amenities bring them. More convenience is provided by way of immediate access to amenities normally found downtown.

A surprising addition to this development is that of a study area for hardworking residents looking for the appropriate space to make progress with their long-term career goals. The lobby area provides those who need to be interactive at all times with Wi-Fi access. Those who wish to have the opportunity to organize social events on a large scale or put together business conventions or workshops have the use of a function room. Children are also well catered for. They are gifted with their own designated play area.


Complex security is on a twenty four hour basis. CCTVs are installed in key areas of the building. Fire protection has also been ensured. A backup power system is in place in the extreme eventuality of localized blackouts. For emphasis, the elevator access system is being brought up once more.

Through a key card access system, only residents and building staff are authorized to utilize the elevators. This ensures that there is less likelihood of dangerous or pilfering intruders accessing any of the residential units. All security provisions are monitored by the complex’s property management team.


Added security and convenience for those who need it comes by way of an onsite shopping space. Peace of mind is the end result towards giving men and women complete wellness. But to complete the wellness picture, access to amenities that encourage physical activity has been sketched in by the complex’s developer. To this end, an equipped gym and swimming pool has been installed. For further peace of mind, look no further than your own sky garden.

In closing, it is time to wax a little lyrical on the ability to live a tranquil life within one of the country’s busiest and most congested cities. A reminder is given to readers on where they stand in this development. It can be regarded as a mirror imaging exercise or opportunity for self reflection. Final motivations on why it is a good idea to make an investment in Symfoni Kamias are given to conclude this picture perfect story. 


There can be no denying that while there are many conveniences to living and working in one of the country’s main cities, there are added stressors. These have to do with always having to vie for space and being concerned about crime. Living at Symfoni Kamias goes some way towards eliminating most of the typical urban stress and anxiety. The property development’s setting is tranquil enough and as was mentioned, ample provision has been made to keep residents and their guests safe within the confines of the complex.


In looking at the developer’s target market, this would also be an ideal time to look at yourself in the mirror and see where you stand at this point in time. It should also be an exercise in projecting where you envision you will be in the next few years. If that is not yet the case, it should be an exercise in thinking where you would like to be in the next few years from now. Doing this, you will be taking the long term view to life.

You are essentially a professional man or woman. Or you can be well on the way to starting up your own business. That much has been clear already; families are most welcome. Even if you are recently retired and looking for a healthy way to invest a portion of your retirement savings and ensure that your remaining years are healthy and secure, it goes without saying that you are welcome as well.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms
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