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Taft Properties : Symfoni Kamias For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Unit ₱ 3,200,000 20 Other Cuts Available


And taking the long term view to life goes hand in hand with making a prudent investment, no matter what the selection. One of the best and most secure and potentially most profitable long term investments that any professional man or woman can make is in property. Property values will continue to rise in the short to long term due to the complex’s young age and the ongoing urban developments that surround it.

In closing there are a couple of highlights of this development worth repeating. For one thing, Symfonias Kamias is located more or less in the heart of Quezon City, ensuring that residents remain as close as possible to everything of importance to them, whether it be commuting to and from work or going to church on a Sunday. And even in the midst of one of the country’s busiest cities, a life of peace and quiet is still possible.

This environment is not only amenable to professionals. It remains conducive to the upkeep of young families typical to Filipino culture. And the other thing worth mentioning once more is that the unit’s fixtures and fittings, whilst being easy to operate, promote sustainable living.


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